Terms Of Service

ShanFlorist.com strives to provide the best customer service available. It is our belief that as a real shop, we understand and appreciate the concerns of Internet shoppers regarding the security and proper fulfillment of their orders. We have established this return/refund policy to provide our customers with a complete understanding of how replacement orders or refunds are processed:
  1. ShanFlorist.com's products is greeting board with renting system, We will place the greeting boards during the event time or maximum for 24 hours (1 day).
  2. Subject to the availability of products, we will endeavor to supply products that match the images and descriptions provided on the website.
  3. You acknowledge that minor variations between the images and descriptions provided on the website and the goods as delivered may occur.
  4. We will prove product delivery to customer by email, WhatsApp or on website ShanFlorist.com.
  5. If any customer claims an order was not delivered, we ask that we are given at least 24 hours to investigate and to determine what has occurred. In many cases, delivery was attempted but either the recipient was not available or due incorrect address.
  6. ShanFlorist.com reserves the right to reject any order provided to us that we deem questionable or possibly fraudulent. When ShanFlorist.com receives an order, we review the entire order and periodically compare the information provided to us with the bank of the person placing the order. If we determine that fraudulent information is provided we will send an email or phone call to the sender to inform them of the situation to determine if the information was provided in error.


Refund Policy

  1. Should any customer place an order through ShanFlorist.com and then need to cancel the order, the cancellation must be made prior to the delivery of the order (subjected to 25% cancellation fee). If the cancellation is received after the order is delivered, no refund can be issued. Cancellations will not be accepted if a customer places an order but provides information that prevents direct delivery, such as in the case of a wrong office or home address. The customer can obtain new information so that the order can then be properly delivered using correct information. If new address is outside of the delivery range and ShanFlorist.com cannot deliver it, only 50% of the order can be refunded.
  2. ShanFlorist.com is not responsible for any order where the recipient refuses to accept the item. ShanFlorist.com will not issue refunds to any customer where the recipient, for whatever reason, will not accept the item or refuses delivery.
  3. If it is determined that ShanFlorist.com did not make the delivery attempt, it is our policy that we will provide you with a refund.


Limitation of Liability

We do not accept responsibility for:
a. Any use of this website which is illegal or prohibited by laws which apply to you;
b. Any interference or damage to your own computer which arises in connection with your use of this website;
c. Losses you may sustain due to unauthorized access to or alteration of your transmissions or data or of information contained on your computer or on this website; or
d. Malfunctions to computers, hardware or software, or for other errors, failures, or delays in computer transmissions or network connections or for lost, late, mutilated, illegible, incomplete or misdirected information.


Third-party merchants
In some cases your purchase may be for a coupon or service from a third-party. You understand that we do not operate or control the products or services offered by Merchants. You agree that use of or purchase from such Merchants is AT YOUR SOLE RISK AND IS WITHOUT WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND BY US, EXPRESSED, IMPLIED OR OTHERWISE INCLUDING WARRANTIES OF TITLE, FITNESS FOR PURPOSE, MERCHANTABILITY OR NON-INFRINGEMENT. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE WE LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES ARISING FROM THE TRANSACTIONS BETWEEN YOU AND MERCHANTS OR FOR ANY INFORMATION APPEARING ON MERCHANT SITES OR ANY OTHER SITE LINKED TO OUR SITE. All rules, policies (including privacy policies) and operating procedures of Merchants will apply to you while on any Merchant sites. We are not responsible for information provided by you to Merchants. We and the Merchants are independent contractors and neither party has authority to make any representations or commitments on behalf of the other.