Wreaths in Pekanbaru and nearby areas

Wreaths in Pekanbaru and nearby areas
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Dear Visitors,
Thank you for visiting website ShanFlorist.com . We built the website to make it easier for Pekanbaru residents in particular as well as Indonesian citizens and even the international community to be able to order Wreaths online.
Shan Florist providing greeting board/ flowers in Pekanbaru (Riau - Indonesia) and nearby areas. We can deliver your greeting board for any special event such as Wedding party, Birthday party, Wedding anniversary, Graduation, Business launching, Condolence or other events.
If you have an upcoming event, you don't have to bother looking for a shop in Pekanbaru because you can order online at the shanflorist.com. The shanflorist.com website has been designed to be able to accept orders online and process them automatically, including in the payment process, storing data, delivering the results of orders and other things. All have been prepared to facilitate online ordering.
Papan Bunga/ Bunga Papan/ Karangan Bunga
Please order at least 8 hours before the event start to allow us have time to prepare the greeting board and enough time to deliver to the event's location. Once the greeting board was delivered, we will send you the photo (on the event's location) to prove the delivery, so please make sure you provide your email or WhatsApp number so we can send you the photo.


Thank You and Good Luck

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